Ballarat Sustainability Dashboard

A dynamic presentation of key sustainabilty indicators for the Ballarat region. Underlying datasets are available for download via the links below each graph.

Kerbside Waste Collection

Data: Ballarat Kerbside Green Waste Deliveries

People Counter
Little Bridge Street (Bus Interchange)

As part of the Smart Cities Ballarat Project the City of Ballart installed anonymous wifi device counters in various locations throughout the city. The counter at the Little Bridge Street Bus Interchange can provide insight into public transport use. These figures should be used to understand the relative busyness of the bus interchange as a proxy for bus use only. This is because the actual count figures would also include people who walked pass the bus interchange and may also register multiple counts for people carrying several wifi enabled devices.

Data: WiFi Device Counters

Gas Billing & Usage
In the region of the Ballarat LGA

Data: Ballarat LGA Gas Usage