Using the network

Getting Started

To use the Things Network you will need to register an account first.

Once you have registered for an account, you will then need to create an Application. This is just a way of grouping multiple devices together. As the gateways in Ballarat are supported by Meshed (Meshed are the Australian provider for the Things Network), you will need to use the Meshed console to create your application and manage your devices.

Creating an application is simple and only requires an unique name and a description. When using the Ballarat network you will need to select the meshed-handler under Handler registration in order to see your devices.

Once you have an application, you can move on to registering your device. Registering a device can vary depending on the manufacturer, some will configure the device for you whereas some DIY options may require you to activate manually.

Getting your data

Devices send data in raw data that will need translation to be meaningful. Typically your device vendor would provide instruction on this.

It is also important to note that the Things Network does not store data, it is only intended to be a means of transporting data. To interact and store your data you will need to set up an integration. The Things Network has support for common IoT solutions including, but not limited to:

  • Amazon Web Services IoT
  • HTTP (Data will be sent to a URL of your choice)
  • Storage (Data will be stored for 7 days with an API to retrieve)
  • ThingSpeak

Buying devices

LoRaWAN devices can be purchased direct from vendors, from hobbyist stores or as parts for the more DIY-inclined. Please ensure that devices are compatible with Australian LoRaWAN specifications AS923 or AS915, as European/North American devices operate on different frequencies.